You can now offer your services through video calls. Get started in 5 minutes. 

The perfect tool for remote customer meetings

Whether you work as a consultant from your home or your office, Eagledial makes it easy for you to meet with your clients over video. With our solution  you can provide your clients both scheduled meetings and instant consultations. 

Easy to use

With Eagledial, your customers won’t have to download an app on their phone or install a software application on their desktop. You get your own Eagledial link, and your customers simply click the link to initiate a session with you. Instead of a phone number, your clients will use a link. 

Brand your video calls

Eagledial lets you be in control of your own brand. You can brand your page with your own identity, profile image or video and your own written biography. When a client calls you, your brand is visible and you are in control of what the client sees. Read more about how to set up your profile brand here.

Safe and trusted 

Video calling through Eagledial is protected by the highest security standard. We use end-to-end encryption. This means that no one but you and your customer can see or hear your conversations. We respect your privacy and are fully GDPR compliant. You can read more about Eagledial’s privacy policy here and cookie policy here.  

Charge for your services

Eagledial lets you set your own pricing for your services. You can charge per minute or per session and even offer your clients complimentary free minutes at the beginning of the call. Your customers can pay securely through our payment processing partner with their debit or credit cards. 

Sometimes video is a better alternative than phone and email 

In some situations and more often today we are using video calls to get a closer connection with the other person we are calling. Video can work better as small differences and nuances may be conveyed more efficiently. A meeting over video rather than in person requires less travel time and effort from you and your potential customer, but it can give you a lot more value than a phone call does.

Save the environment and reach more clients

To get to new meetings takes up a substantial time of your workday. Save this time with a video call. Both you and your client will appreciate it. It is as easy as making a phone call, just with more quality.