Log in to your dashboard

It is from your dashboard that you schedule a new call with a client. You can initiate a call in 2 ways. Instantly or scheduled.

It all depends on if it is a call that will happen right now or if it is a scheduled call for the future.

If you want to instantly create a call with a client. Follow these steps:

Log in to your dashboard. From the top of the page there is a button “Start a New Call Now”. If you click this button. Your default link payment settings will be applied. Our software will provide you with a one time link that you can share with your clients. Either send them a text, an email or through any other messaging app.

If you rather schedule a call with a client. Follow these steps.

From the dashboard you create a new booking.

Set the date of the call.

Set the time and duration.

Input the email of the person you are inviting.

Add an appointment description that describes the purpose of the meeting.

Select a price of the call and if it is a recurring invitation.

When the client receives the invitation he can accept or decline the call. The status of the invitation will change depending on that choice.

When the call is scheduled there will be a reminder sent out by email ahead of time. The reminder will include all details about the call and information on how to handle payment before the call is scheduled.

If you for some reason need to cancel the call, it is possible to do so both for you and for the client.