A video says it all

A picture is said to tell more than a thousand words. Well, we got news for you! A video of you is 10 times more likely to get someone to call you. Eagledial allows you to include a video on your link page. A video is a great way to attract more attention and credibility to your profile.

Pro-tip – Record and upload a short profile video!

Show who you are and what you offer

As Eagledial is a video calling service, it makes sense for you as a host not to hide who you are or what you look like. And if you are going to do serious business – use your real name and picture on your profile.

But if you are more into the anonymous business you may not want to reveal your name. That is ok too. Your display name can be optional. There are cases when anonymity is a requirement. We accept everyone’s taste and preference. The only requirement we have is that you do not pretend to be someone else. We do not accept using restricted copyrighted material for your profile.

If you can – avoid abbreviating. Use both your first and last names if you decide to use it.

If you use an image instead

Upload a great photo of yourself. Please make it a headshot so the person that is calling you can identify you from the picture. We have statistics that show that people that smile on their profile image get 35% more calls. So keep smiling.

Your biography

Even if you create a kick-ass video of your service, we recommend that you create a short written biography of max 200 words. This will be visible to your clients on your profile page.

Always write your bio in first-person. Don’t describe yourself in third-person. It will sound weird and unnatural. Writing your bio a bit more personal is great and gives your customers a better understanding of who you are and what services you offer.

Pro tip – Run A Spell check and Grammar check: You can use tools like Grammarly.com to check your bio for any errors before saving. It will only take you a few seconds to save yourself from simple mistakes.

Your availability

Your customers need to know when you are available. Let them know if you work day time or night time or have irregular hours. We have created an easy way for you to set your availability for when you can receive calls from customers.

In your profile, you can set the schedule for your availability day by day. Your availability settings will be synced to your calendar where your clients make bookings.