You will have the option when you create your eagledial link to set your price. You can choose from a per-minute charge that will a dynamic cost that will count every second your call lasts and charge the client the correct amount when the call is completed. Or you choose to charge per session. Then it will be a fixed cost for the full duration of the call.

Per minute ⏱

Pricing can be difficult, especially if you do not know how long a call will last. By selecting a price per minute you know that you will always get paid for the time you spend on the call. It will give you a feeling of security that your time is valued and not wasted, but it can also give a more stressful feeling for the client as he or she will know that the time is ticking and the cost will go up as long as the call continues. A per-minute cost is commonly used in the premium rate number industry. However not always appreciated by your customers.

Per session ⏳

If you choose to price your call per session you know the earnings of the call already before the call starts. It can help you to prioritize your time and help you select the clients that are willing to pay the price that you offer. It can also be easier for a client to know beforehand what the price of the call will be.

Free minutes 🕐

Sometimes it is not easy to know if you will be able to help your client. To ease the uncertainty, you can choose to give a couple of free minutes to your call. This makes it easier for a client to make the initial call for your service.

Still unsure? 🤷‍♂

Are you still unsure of your pricing strategy? You can always change your price settings if you change your mind later on. Remember that you can also create multiple payment links and let the customer decide what to pick.