What can EagleDial do for you?

Your pay-per-minute call center

Remember the old days of premium rate numbers? High fees, antiquated systems and complicated regulations? With EagleDial you don't have to deal with that and you can focus on your business and your customers. Read on to see what EagleDial can do for you.

Online calls

All calls on EagleDial are made online through web browsers. That means that calling or answering is as simple as going to a web page. That way you customers will have a seamleass journey from your website to a call with you. This means more satisfied customers and higher conversion rates.

Our technology is based on WebRTC the industry standard for video and audio calls in the browser. Our calls uses VP8 or h.264 encoding which gives you an optimal call experince.

Massively scalable

No matter if you handle a couple of calls a week or thousands of calls each day the EagleDial platform can handle anything you can throw at it. EagleDial boasts 99.99% availability, by letting us handle your call center you can be sure that your service will have no interruptions.

Accept customers from around the world

EagleDial accepts all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country in 135+ currencies. Forget about the old premium rate numbers where you could only accept domestic customers, with EagleDial your business can go global!

The simplest way of paying for services

All your clients has to do to get started is enter their credit card. It's as simple as that. EagleDial is also 100% transparent on price for both you and your client. When the call has begun your client can see how long the call has been going on and what the cost is. Being transparent on cost increases customer satisfaction.

Run your business on EagleDial

EagleDial's goal is always to enable businesses and entreprenuers to set up pay-per-minute service without having to worry about the technical detail. We are continually developing EagleDial with your business in mind.


All calls on EagleDial are encrypted and secured. Only you and your client can connect to the call. You can be sure that all that is said in your call is and will remain confidetial.

No regulatory hassle

The old premium rate numbers are usually heavily regulated. Since EagleDial has nothing to do with the phone network EagleDial is not under any such regulation. So you don't have to worry about legalese but can instead focus on building your business.

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