With EagleDial´s own technology, including an integrated global payment processing, EagleDial has set the goal to change the world of the premium rate and pay per minute. The customer pays by minute by credit card and the price is set by seller. The big difference is that the call is not connected via the user´s telecom operator and will not be charged via user´s phone bill. Another feature is that the calls, both video and voice calls, are encrypted end to end between the two parties taking part of the call.

EagleDial is available in 25 countries and accepts payments from anywhere in the world.

The client calls from the sellers EagleDial browser address from www.eagledial.com either from a desktop or a mobile device. This makes it possible for the seller just to add their EagleDial link address or button on website, blog or in a mobile app allowing customers to get in touch with just a click of a button.


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