Receive video and audio calls and get paid per minute!

EagleDial is a software platform for online pay-per-minute video and audio calls. We handle all technical details, payment processing and guarantee good call quality. That way you can focus on your business and your customers.

Audio Calls
Video Calls
Pay Per Minute
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How does it work?

Create your EagleDial link and decide how much you want to charge per minute.


Share your EagleDial link with your customers. They can click the link to call you through their web browser.


Answer calls on your desktop browser and earn money. No app needed!


How is EagleDial different from premium phone numbers?

There is only one fee, and it is much lower than an ordinary premium landline: 20% commission. No start fees, No hidden fees.
Fast and guaranteed payments. We pay you every seven days and you no longer have to wait to receive your earnings.
EagleDial is web based and has encrypted video and audio calls. Anyone can call you no matter where you are and you can answer from every device that has a web browser.

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What will my customer see?

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No Startup Cost

There is only one fee, and that's a 20% commission on your call.
That means you keep 80% of your earnings.

End to end encryption
Live mobile calls
Live video calls
  • Work for yourself, you decide what you charge per minute!
  • Eagle dial offers video and telephone calls.
  • Both video and telephone calls are encrypted.
  • Quick and easy to start!
  • Pay per minute!

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